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Let’s Beautify Your Yard, With Designer Landscape Curbing

Whether you are just starting your project or updating your existing lawn, garden or home,  Design Curb will help beautify your yard by placing a picture-perfect border around your landscaping.

Naples Red -Walnut Brown
Let's Make Your Flower Bed Beautiful!
Shrub Planting

We do shrub replanting of the flowers if needed to be removed for the laying of your curb.

Grass Cutting

We properly cut the grass that may prevent the proper laying of the curbing.

Waste Disposal

We dispose off any waste that may accrue throughout the work process.

Certified Experts

We have certified experts on ground that will ensure quality services.

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Fastest Work

We deliver your project faster, on time, and to your satisfaction.

High Skill

We employ high skilled experts to give you the best look possible.

Clean Work

We are know for our clean work and best landscape design.

Proper Take Care

We properly take care of your project and give you the best support ever.

What Our Clients Say

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"If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them"
Nadine B.
Fashion Designer, St. Cloud, FL
"We really appreciate all the work and things are looking good. You have some hard workers. I can't believe how much they accomplished in just a few hours last week. Thanks for all the work!"
Pascal H.
Orlando, FL
"Your employees were professional, polite and efficient. They let us know what they were doing during the whole process and answered all of our questions. Fantastic job" !!
David D.
Kissimmee, FL
"I appreciate the time you took to explain your landscape design to me. The guys did a great job with the rock & cypress much after installation of the curbing and I can't wait to see what they do with the landscaping in the backyard"
Carmen H.
Freelancer, Poinciana, FL
Let's Beautify Your Flower Bed Together!

Questions & Answers

Read our frequently asked questions to know more about our services.

We set up an appointment where the customer and designer meet to review their needs.  Attention is given to the style of the neighborhood, the customer’s desires, the architecture and placement of the property, planting issues such as sightlines, scale, lighting conditions, and finally resale considerations.  After the initial discussion, a concept drawing is prepared on site & reviewed with the client.  Once the design is finalized, an itemization of the list of materials and labor is created and the business proposal contract is prepared.  When all is complete, a meeting is held with the customer and designer to sign the contract. 

We are a full service landscape designer curbing company for residential and commercial customers.  Our designs are noted for their creativity, aesthetic appeal and environmental sensitivity. 

We regularly serve the following counties in Central Florida:  Osceola, Orange, Polk and Lake counties. However, we are not limited to Central Florida and our self-contained mobile units can carry up to six tons of sand and materials.
For work outside these areas, please contact us.

On an existing landscape we will use a bed edger machine to cut a 9″ trench around your landscape beds without damaging your existing landscaping. The concrete is mixed on site. We do not use a concrete truck or any concrete form boards. Our custom concrete mix is manually extruded and free standing after being pushed through our curbing machine. We will then use a hand trowel to provide a smooth, professional looking finish. Expansion joints, texture, stamping and colors are added for desired look.

It takes four weeks for our curbing to completely cure. Although it will be strong enough to walk on after 48 hours, caution should be taken during the first week. Wait 5-7 days before doing any landscaping or lawn maintenance. Most importantly avoid any contact within the first 24 hours. Leave sprinkler and irrigation systems off for 24 hours. Please allow 24 hours before letting any pets or children around the curbing to avoid damage.

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely House

Our product will cut down on weeding and trimming, and add beauty to your landscape for many years to come. Store Bought bricks do not hold back weeds and grass, as they are not seamless. Whereas, A Curbing Edge is a continuous run of solid concrete, and therefore a very effective root barrier.